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Lindy Lax Coaching Philosophy

Posted Wednesday, September 02, 2009 by Coach Carro
Lindenhurst Lacrosse Coaching Philosophy
My philosophy is based upon a foundation of five parts that are integral for creating a positive experience for my student-­athletes: trust, communication, consistency, humor and respect. These are my values and I have depended on them in my efforis to build the Lindenhurst Varsity lacrosse program, as well as other programs.
TRUST is earned in many ways. First, it is by sticking to your word and backing up your words with actions. Secondly, giving my players honest feedback and allowing them to offer me the same goes a long way in building trust.
My door is always open for them and they know that I care for them a great deal. My caring for them does not get confused with my being firm. I hold them accountable athletically, academically and behaviorally. I let them know that their academic success, health and well being are a priority. Getting the most out of them as people and challenging them in practice conveys my belief in their potential and strenghtens our trust.
Through COMMUNICA TION, I want my players to feel comfortable coming to me in times of trouble and celebration. Trust is fostered through how we communicate with each other. Direct communication about the functions of our team is vital. All players are aware of why and how decisions are made. Players need to know that I care about them as people first and players second.
Being CONSISTENT in the treatment of each team member provides a clear picture that all of the members are equally important. I believe that consistency in my messages and actions prevents doubt. If a team is constantly surprised, they will hesitate to follow the coach because they never know what to expect.
I believe that having a sense of HUMOR and the ability to laugh at oneself is crucial for living a healthy life and creating meaningful relationships. An environment where laughter is both permitted and celebrated is critical. The result is a group of people who support and look after each other. As this spills over onto the lacrosse field, it fosters a tough team to beat.
Practicing the four parts of the foundation described above produces RESPECT within the program. Together, we have created an environment where we can be successful. I take pride in this foundation and believe it will lead to a successful program. I value winning but, more importantly, I value good people and the solid sense of decency they provide for each other and eventually the world. These women will take something more from this program than lacrosse skills. My hope is that they leave with a sense of pride, not only in their accomplishments, but in the connection they have fostered with a group of women who, in some fashion, have helped shape the person they have become.

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