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The Bulldog Way

Posted Wednesday, September 02, 2009 by Coach Carro
The Bulldog Way
1.     Be loyal and trustworthy
2.     Act and play with pride. You are a Bulldog and you must represent LINDY lacrosse in all aspects of your life
3.    Be a team player! Put the team before yourself, sacrificing your personal goals and ~ for the good of the team.
4.    Be a good communicator. Speak honestly and with compassion. Listen to your teammates and your coaches and hear what they are saying .. Articulate concerns to your coaches and teammates and don't let issues fester. We are all here for one another.
5.    Have high expectations of yourself and your teammateS. Be good at everything you do. NEVER settle for mediocrity.
6.    Take full responsibilities for your actions. Recognize, be accountable for and learn from your mistakes.
7.    Be a competitor on a daily basis. Never get out-hustled on the field. Never give up.
8.    Be a student of the game. Actively seek information to help you better understand expectations. Learn and apply.
9.    Take constructive criticism and understand it will only make you better. It is the ACT, not the person being criticized.
10.At all times, keep your dreams within reach

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